What is so special about LikeWoof products?
We offer unique designs for all the dog lovers. All LikeWoof desings are made and applied by ourselves or by our reliable European partners. Therefore we can offer you fastly customizable products and high quality control!
How are LikeWoof designs applied to garments?
We either use vinyl textile transfer foils from the best European manufacturers, cut our designs and apply them to the garments using a textile heatpress, or we ask our partners to produce direct-to-garment printing of our designs.
Will my LikeWoof product look exactly the same as on the preview?
Preview on your PC or mobile device will always differ a bit from the product in real life. However, we do our best to make our preview mock-ups to look as realistic as possible.
My Woof is not among your designs...
We try to expand our design range as fast as we can, but it might very well be that your Woof is not there yet.. In this case, please drop us line and we will be happy to add him to our collection! info@likewoof.com
I didn't find answer to my question here!
Please e-mail your question to us and we will come back to you asap! info@likewoof.com