LikeWoof Story

Once upon a time mom and dad of two Australian labradoodles living in the Netherlands decided to share their doodle love with the rest of the world. They searched for clothes they would like to wear to show off their Woof love, but they could not find any design they liked. Therefore they decided to create their own...

As a real-life-communication professional doodle mom was a creative brain behind the first design. As a graphic designer and web-developer doodle dad brought ideas to life. Once designs were ready, doodle parents purchased professional vinyl cutter, heatpress and transfer foil. This is how the first LikeWoof t-shirt became a reality!

Proud doodle mom shared her first garment on social media and apparently there was some positive response from other doodle lovers. First LikeWoof items were ordered by happy doodle families. In the meantime owners of other breeds asked, whether the design could be adjusted to other Woofs as well. With in-house production process this was not a problem at all.

After a few sales of designs with other breeds rather than Australian Labradoodles, doodle Mom and Dad started thinking that they probably could make much more proud Woof-lovers and Woof-friends happy. This is how the idea of new designs and finally LikeWoof webshop was born and this is where you are now!

Take your time to look around and if you dont't find what you have been looking for, please drop a line! Doodle mom and dad will be happy to help you out asap!

Sincerely yours,