(At least) 5 Reasons to have a WOOF in your life!

Feb 25 , 2019


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(At least) 5 Reasons to have a WOOF in your life!

Do you love Woofs just as we do? Feel free to fill up our (at least) 5 reasons why you would never ever wanted to miss your Woof in your life!

We are Woof-lovers and so are you! Most likely you have one or more Woofs in your house, but maybe you are just thinking of getting one. Or thinking about thinking of getting one. At this stage you might hear from people around you how big responsibility it is to share your life with a Woof on a daily basis or how many adjustments to your life you will need to do. Yes, it definetely is and yes, you definetely will. But it definetely worths it! Here are at least 5 reasons why.

1.Why stay moody when Woof wiggles his booty? 

Less than half an hour with your Woof around and you will feel chill and happy. Extra dopamine and serotonine will be produced by your brain when you spend some time playing with your woof, making you feel relaxed and happier than ever!

2. Woof-lick against being sick!

Woof-families recover faster and better from illnesses than Woof-less people. Special notion: Woof-owners are twice as likely to fully recover from a heart-attack than people without a Woof around them. 

3. Personal Woof-trainer

Your Woof will take you on a daily excersize and challange you with walk-and-play active quality time at least twice a day and hopefully more. This is how you will end up on a fitter side of life. 

4. Woof-matcher

While your Woof socializes with other Woofs outside, you will have many conversations with other Woof-owners. Dog’s Trust surveyed 700 people and found out that 60% finds Woof-owners more attractive and 85% thinks that Woof-owners are easier approachable. 

5. Never miss a kiss 

Cold and slibblery Woof-kisses are so precious! This is how your Woof shows you respect and affection. Your Woofs nose and mouth have special receptors that help him to figure out how you are feeling based on scented molecules in your sweat. While your Woof is giving you sweet kisses, endorphines are being released into his blood giving him pleasant, comfortable and secure feeling!

As Woof-lovers we can bring up many more reasons why Woof would brighten up your life. However, we are more curious about your opinion! Leave us a comment why you would never ever wanted to miss your Woof and help us to make this list endless!

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