(At least) 20 funny facts that make our Woofs SUPERWOOFS

Apr 01 , 2019


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(At least) 20 funny facts that make our Woofs SUPERWOOFS

  1. They have sense of time. Woofs understand your daily habits, know when it’s dinner time, and they alsow know how long they have been left home alone missing you.
  2. They are jealous. Woofs do feel jealous when you are showing love and affection towards someone or something else.
  3. They dream. Woofs dream just as you do, but most likely about doing Woof-stuff.
  4. They age early. Woofs age differently than us. One year old Woof is just as mature as 15 year old teenager. The larger the breed, the faster your Woof matures.
  5. They poo with the flow. Your Woofs makes his big toilet preferably aligning with world’s magnetic field.
  6. They drink like cats. Woofs drink just like cats do by bending the tongue downwards and lifting the water into their mouth. However, Woofs do it a bit more messy.
  7. The have sweaty feet. Woofs sweat only between their paw pads, therefore they breath fastly to cool down and can appreciate when you wet bottoms of their feet during hot days.
  8. They breath hard. Woof’s mouth exerts on average 320 pounds of pressure. We human double it down to 120 pounds and white sharks double it up to 600 pounds
  9. They have jaws. Woof start with 28 teeth as puppies and have 42 adult teeth, 10 more than we do!
  10. They see colors. Besides black and white Woofs also distinguish blue and yellow.
  11. They have night vision. Woof’s whiskers pick up changes in the air flow and provide information about size, shape and speed of nearby objects and potential dangers just as some kind of a night vision system.
  12. They have muscled ears. Woofs have at least 18 muscles in each ear.
  13. They hear great. Being born deaf, Woofs hear 4 times as far as we do including higher pitched sounds in a frequency range of 67 to 45,000 hertz, while we stay between 64 to 23,000 hertz. Just ours, Woof’s upper end of hearing range decreases with age.
  14. They have unique noseprints. Woofs noseprints are just as unique as our fingerprints.
  15. They smell a lot. Woofs have 125 to 300 million scent glands, while we own about 5 million only. That’s why Woofs sense of smell is 10.000 stronger than ours. Part of Woof’s brain that controls the smell glands is 40 times larger than ours while Woofs brain is much smaller than ours.
  16. They sneeze. Woofs sneeze to show other woofs that they are not being agressive.
  17. They sence us. Woof smells your feelings by picking up the smallest changes in your scent when you are e.g. nervous or fearful. Woof’s noses can detect diseases or even pregnancy of a family member. Nose makes our Woof’s perfect assistants. Diabetic alert Woofs for instance signal when they smell that their human's insulin level drops.
  18. They are great heart-therapists. Petting your Woof can lower your blood pressure.
  19. They are omnivores. Woofs eat meat, grains and vegetables, what makes them to omnivores.
  20. They are SUPERWOOFS. Woof recognizes at least 250 words and gestures, approximately like two-year old kid. That’s why woofs and kids easily become best friends. Little evidence: 26.000-year-old Woofs paw prints were found next to those of a child.That however doesn’t mean you should blindly leave those two unsupervised.

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