7 interesting facts about LABRADOODLE

Mar 02 , 2019


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7 interesting facts about LABRADOODLE

They are cute, they are playful, they are extremely social. They do great as assitance dogs, but also off the duty they are great companions and family dogs. These Woofs are labradoodles! And here are some interesting facts you might like to know about them!
1. Back to '88
Labradoodle was founded back in 1988 by an Australian breeder who decided to mixture a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle, hoping to get a pup that would be able to serve as a guidance dog for people suffering from dog allergy. His first bred labradoodle Sultan worked as a guidance dog for a Hawaiian woman for 10 years. However, although doodles provoke less allergic reactions and are far more allergy-friendly than other breeds, not every labradoodle can be considered anti-allergic.
2. Cuteness overload in all sizes and colors

Due to difference in sizes of a Poodle you can choose between a standard, a medium and a mini labradoodle with coats varying from creme to silver color and from wavy to wiry structure. Although the grown-up size of the puppy is more or less predictable, the fur color might change substantially even in doodle’s adulthood. However, cuteness of each doodle hides not only in specific coating, but mainly in a unique character and personality traits. By the way, pretty doodle coat asks for very regular brushing!

3. Double Doodle

A Poodle bred with a Labradore Retriever makes a Labradoodle. A Poodle bred with Golden Retriever makes a Godlen Doodle. And what would be the result of mixing the Godlen and the Labra Doodles together? Right, a Double Doodle!

4. Beauty with brains

Labradoodles are very well trainable and love to learn new skills. However, their intelligence allows them to learn things they are not supposed to do just as fast. Therefore labradoodles really need to be challenged, both mentally and physically. They have loads of energy and love to move! Let them do it funny together with you rather than in a destructive way left home alone.

5. Assistance Dogs

Due to their intelligence and personality, many labradoodles do great as assistance dogs for disabled people or people with mental disorders. However, not every labradoodle can handle this responsibility. Therefore by a proper breeder all the puppies are being tested for their personality and behavioral traits so that the breeder can say in advance which puppy can do tough job.

6. Social with care

Labradoodles are generally very social and love to interact with people. However, no matter how cute they look like, they are not always fond of spontanious cuddling with strangers, even if these strangers are kids. Also they can show off their temper in interaction with other dogs. Therefore also with a labradoodle-friend by your side it is extremely important to read signals and avoid red flags.

7. Unofficial breed.

Although labradoodle is one of the most popular breed mixtures now, even featured in the Oxford dictionary, it is still not recognized as an official breed. That however does not make labradoodles cheap and easy to get. A proper breeder has a lot of expenses during the whole breeding and puppy-nurturing process and in most cases a good breeder has a waiting list as well. Therefore be alert if you get a fast and a cheap buy offered.

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