5 facts you need know about LABRADOR RETRIEVER

May 11 , 2019


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5 facts you need know about LABRADOR RETRIEVER

1.They did not originate in Canada. Labradors do not come from the Canadian town Labrador. They originated in the 1700s on the island of Newfoundland. Small water dogs in the area of Newfoundland were bred resulting in St. John’s Water Dog, the direct ancestor of Labrador.

2.They are perfect swimmers and fishers. Labradors have dense water repelling double coats, that provide insulation and make them resistent to cold and water. Their short fur keeps them warm and doesn’t drag them down when it gets wet. Labrador’s webbed toes make them fast swimmers. Their waterlove made them favorite dogs of the fishermen who used the dogs to place nets, pull ropes between fishing boats, and return escaped fish.

3. Their ancestors barely survived. St. John’s Water Dogs barely survived due to big taxed families had to pay to own a dog, and allowance to have one dog only. Right before extinction the breed came to England, where people kept breeding them, especially for fishing and hunting. Labradors, officially recognized as a breed in 1903, got official full name ‘Labrador Retriever’ for their great ability to retrieve hunted birds and other objects. Nowadays labradors are often used for finding lost objects, forbidden substances and dead bodies.

4.They were first diabetic assistance dogs. Labrador Armstrong was the first dog able to smell chemical changes that happen in human body when low blood sugar occurs. He was trained in 2003 and go tinto the Guinness World Records in 2015. Their will to please the owners is why they are one of the most suitable breeds for therapy. Moreover they have an extremely high pain threshold, which make labradors perfect for rescue work

5. They are superpopular. Nowadays Labrador’s are America’s most popular breed. German Shephers, Golden Retrievers and Bulldogs follow. Labradors have 3 officially recognized colors: chocolate black and yellow. Multiple colors may be born in the same litter of these great, cute, smart and extremely social Woof friends!

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