5 funny facts about PUG you might like to know

Mar 17 , 2019


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5 funny facts about PUG you might like to know

Althouth they love to sleep and can be napping for about 14 hours per day, pugs adaptable personality makes them wonderful pets to own. Bred as lapdogs of Chineese Emperors their favorite place is around the owner. When they don’t sleep, they are easy going and up for anything at home and outdoors. Here are some funny facts about Pugs that you might like to know!


1. Rich history

Pugs literally exist for ages and are considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds. Pugs history starts in China even before 400 BCE. Chinese Emperors treated their pugs as real royalties and provided them with all the luxuries including little palaces and own guards. They loved signature wrinkles of pugs because they resembled them Chinese characters. Pugs were also in favor of Buddhist monks who loved to keep them as pets in Tibetal monasteries.

2. Monkey business

Pugs breed owes its modern name to marmosets monkeys that were popular as pets in the beginning of the 19th century and were called pugs. Due to similar facial features pugs the dogs got the same name. In the Netherlands and in Germany a pug is however called  a ‘mops’. This word resembles ‘mopperen’, a Dutch word for ‘to grumble’. The funny fact is that a squad of two and more pugs will in Engeland be called ‘grumble’.

3. Royal glory

According tot the legend the Dutch Prince of Orange Willem the Silent owed his life to his pug Pompey.  The prince was woken up by his woof-friend while he was about to be assassinated by the Spanish in the midde of the Eighty Years’ War between the Netherlands and Spain. That is how pug became an official dog of the House of Orange.

In 1689 the Dutch Prince Willem III brought his pugs to England where he was about to marry his future wife Mary II. The pugs were honored guests at the coronation wearing little orange ribbons.English Queen Victoria adored this funny breed as well. It was her who made cropping ears forbidden.

Josephine Bonaparte loved her pug Fortuné so much that she rather shared bed with her pet than with her royal husband. This affection was from both sides. They say that Fortuné bit Napolen on his leg already first night that the Emperor wanted to share bed with his wife.

4. Pugs Order

Around 1740 there was a secret Order of the Pug formed by Roman Catholics whom was forbidden to join Freemasons by the Pope. Due to his loyalty and trustworthiness pug was chosen as a mascott of the secret society. Divisions of the order had male and female pugs running around and society members were supposed to kiss the rear of the porcelain Grand Pug under his tail and to wear dog collars, bark loudly and scratch the door asking for entry.

5.Two curls are better than one

A real pug has a curved tail. According to the highest breed standard one curl is good, but double curl is perfect! A pug tail can even have 3 to 4 curls. Besides the precious tales pugs however have very flat and short noses which makes them not such a good swimmers, sensitive to colds and breathing problems. Although pugs are not really barkers they can be quite vocal, while singing and making funny noises.

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